JingDAO is a Java based DAO framework.

DAO ( Data Access Objects ) is a design pattern which seperates your persistence framework (how you store your data) from your business logic framework (how you use your data), thus allowing you to change data access or storage methods without changing the rest of the application.


JingDAO is devided into two parts:

  • JingDAO : a flexible and simple DAO framework built on PicoContainer and Apache Avalon. (BETA)
  • JingSQL : a small SQL scripting and parsing tool built on Velocity. It allows seperation of SQL queries from Java code. (ALPHA)


  • Strict seperatation between DAO layer and persistence framework
  • Runs in Avalon or PicoContainers, or as a standalone framework.
  • Lightweight
  • No requirements for the DAO objects -- nothing to extend or implement
  • Works with any existing persistence framework
  • Allows developers to swap persistence implementations
  • Can handle multiple persistence frameworks simultaneously
  • Handles local or remote DAO's (via JNDI)
  • Scriptable configuration file (via BeanShell)